05 September 2013

Celebrity Crushes #2

Welcome back to another “Celebrity Crush” post. Today’s theme: Celebrity Crushes that I can’t explain and people are going think are completely bizarre.

In other words: Celebrity Crushes that I probably shouldn’t have!

No seriously, if you thought my celebrity crushes of the 90’s were bad, these are a whole new level of bad.
Let the judging begin!

Alec - Continuum Alec (Continuum) [Erik Knudsen]
I think it’s the nerd appeal. I mean his character is a computer genius (well, genius in general really) and he’s so adorably dorky and cute. Although I have to say, Erik Knudsen when he was in Saw looks like a doped up junkie, probably ideal considering his character, but not pretty. Also, pretty much the entire first season of Continuum, also not pretty. I think once he got a hair cut and stopped looking like an awkward 12 year old, he got a little bit better. Now he’s adorable AND nerdy. Win.
Dave Franco Dave Franco
I recently saw Now You See me, so now I have a thing for Magicians. Apparently. Actually, I’ve seen this guy in a few things and while I was totally for James Franco – he’s gone all artsy and weird, which is great and all, but he’s lost some appeal somehow. Anyway. Dave Franco. Adorably cute and thankfully, not as young as I thought. I really thought he was a lot younger than he actually is but no, he’s older than me. WINNING. Still a creeper though. And HEY MA, He’s JEWISH!
Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg
Did I mention I recently saw Now You See Me? Yep, so previously, not an Eisenberg fan. I saw The Social Network, it was decent, from memory. But in his latest movie, he still has some of the adorkable appeal, still gives off that geeky/nerd vibe, however now with more bad boy appeal! Also Jewish and he has a sister with the same name as me! Yeh…that’s actually a bit weird.
Bryan Adams Byran Adams
Bryan Adams from way back in the day, not old Bryan Adams. Seriously, try listening to his greatest hits and NOT be obsessed. Ok, I guess you have to be a fan of his music, but Oh my lord! Bryan Adams for the win; when his songs come on the radio, no body talk to me!
The Edge WWE Superstar Edge (Adam Copeland)
I never said I was perfect, stop judging me. Seriously. It’s the bad boy wrester type AND the fact that he appears in a whole heap of my favourite SyFy shows. Bad boy appeal. I’m telling you. It’s all about the bad boy appeal.


So, that’s my list of celebrities I probably should have a crush on, but I do. Seriously, think about it, there’s probably a celebrity you have a crush on that people think is slightly bizarre. It’s reality, not everyone is going to have the same taste as me and I’m perfectly fine with that!

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